BIUM is a design studio that takes a comprehensive approach to everything from branding to interior design, without setting a territory.
Founder and designer Yoshifumi Yokoyama was born in Tokyo, and has design experience in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Europe.
We want to dig deep into the consumer mindset to gain understanding of how to reach, attract and engage the end user.

Our work encompasses many areas relating to design including
– Interior design for hotels, office, retail, dining, cafe, as well as fixtures and furnitures
– Renovation – Bespoke furniture – Brand development – Logo design
– Product design – Packaging design – Graphic design – Direction

ヨコヤマヨシフミ 東京都出身 インテリアデザイン事務所、広告制作会社、建築デザイン事務所(上海)を経て、デザインスタジオ ビウム BIUMとして活動を開始しました。